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You can help Scarlett with her medical needs by purchasing a t-shirt. $5 from every shirt sale goes directly to Scarlett. We will send everyone who purchases a shirt an email when the store closes to let you know how much was raised.

This is Scarlett! A 2 year old who was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker syndrome at the age of 1. Dandy-Walker syndrome is a condition where the person is born without a cerebellum in their brain. Along with this condition, Scarlett also has hydrocephalus. This happens when fluid is on the brain. Scarlett had a shunt inserted below the skin in her brain to help with draining the fluid a year ago. The shunt has worked well and now Scarlett seems to be able to drain the fluid on her own, without the help of the shunt. So on July 26, Scarlett had surgery at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee to remove her shunt. She will continue to have MRI's to monitor the fluid. Some of the effects of Dandy-Walker include not being able to talk or walk. Her cerebellum controls the fine motor skills used in every day life. Scarlett goes to thearpy once a week to help her learn to talk and once a week to help her learn how to walk. She is doing great, but will need a walker to help her along the way. She also has begun using simple words to describe her needs. But this is a long process and no one will know the out come or what she will and won't be able to do. Scarlett is a very happy and loving little girl. No matter what the future holds for her, she has lots of love to give. Thank you for all your support!!

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